Replacing Customs Examiners

There is good news for those who are considering a career as a Customs examiner or appraiser. There will soon be a need for many new employees in the field, since about two hundred of them are set to be replaced. Because of suspicion of dishonesty in the workplace, a […]

International Trade Creates Jobs

With many Americans out of work, the job market has become one of the most important aspects of life in the country. While thousands of US citizens are expecting their unemployment benefits to run out soon, many more have already lost more than they could bear to in the seemingly […]

Customs Broker FAQs

There are many different rules that must be followed when it comes to transporting goods and merchandise across the borders of various countries. Each and every country has its own set of regulations regarding the shipment and delivery of these goods coming into and going out of their borders, and […]

US President Obama Sends Message to Ivory Poachers

Sitting in a guarded government store house in Denver, Colorado was a bounty worth millions of dollars, and yet the President of the United States, Barack Obama gave the order to have the fortune destroyed. Why would he do such a thing? It is part of an ongoing effort to […]

International Trade and Small Business

For small businesses, the very idea of expanding to an international market may seem to be an impossible dream. For many, the thought of selling in foreign markets is seen as something which only large corporations could undertake. As Small Business UK points out, it is unfortunate that smaller businesses […]

Duty Invasion Documents

The duty evasion case which involved the former president of the San Diego Customs Brokers Association continues to grow with a Los Angeles man sentenced to 27 months in prison for his part as a co-conspirator of Gerardo Chavez. The case, which involved over $100 million worth of imported Chinese […]

Is it really Made in USA?

A Utah company has agreed to settle claims with the Federal Trade Commission that it was falsely advertising its products as “Made in USA” and “Truly Made in USA” despite containing substantial foreign content. EK Excessories, a marketer of iPhone accessories, bottle holders, lens cleaners, dog leashes and other outdoor […]

Foreign Trade Reform

On October 15, 2013, the Obama Administration’s Export Control Reform Initiative (ECR) put in place the first set of revised lists for export control. According to a report from the Office of the Press Secretary at, “Today, the Administration reached the most significant milestone of the President’s Export Control […]

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