Currency Seizure Law Update

Whenever you leave or enter the US, you are required to disclose to Customs officials the amount of money you have on your person or baggage and to complete a form, FinCen 105, at the time of your arrival or departure if the currency you possess is more than $10,000.

How to Import a Car into the United States

If you have ever thought of buying a motor vehicle while overseas or are a nonresident of the US and want to bring your car into the U.S., you need to be aware of the U.S. Customs and other government agency requirements for importing a car, which include compliance with […]

Tougher Import Law Needed in Japanese Timber Industry

The forests of Siberia contain some of the most pristine trees and valuable pine wood in the world. Unfortunately, reports from the Environmental Investigation Agency, (EIA), an American lobbyist organization dedicated to world environmental concerns, has reported that Japanese companies are illegally importing tons of timber cut from these forest […]


U.S. Customs continues to introduce programs which expand opportunities for licensed brokers, thus there is no better time to take the Customs Broker exam. Our popular Customs broker exam prep course for the October 2014 exam will begin on Monday, July 28 and run through the end of September.  The […]

Whistle Blower Gets $10Million

Many people have heard about whistleblowers and whistleblower lawsuits where an individual who is usually an employee or ex-employee of a company that is violating the law receives a substantial reward for alerting authorities of the illegal activity. Such lawsuits are rare but in some cases the results can be […]

Justin Timberlake and OFAC

Many countries around the world have condemned Russia’s actions in the Crimea as an invasion of an independent country’s sovereignty, including the US. Although a military response is extremely unlikely, the US and European countries have sought sanctions against Russia in an attempt to punish troublesome leader, Vladimir Putin.


Basics of Export is a full day seminar that provides a detailed overview of the exporting process and what is required for an export shipment. Topics include roles of the parties involved, modes of transportation, what is an export, classification under the Commerce Control List, end user screening, licensing overview […]


JOIN US FOR OUR MOST POPULAR SESSIONS THIS SPRING! New to importing or in need of a refresher? Basics of Import is a full day seminar that covers the nuts and bolts of importing. From how to book a shipment to how to get your goods cleared through Customs, this […]

Mineral Export Affects International Trade

New rules on mineral exports issued by the Indonesian government have left the mining industry in turmoil. Specifically, effective January 12, the government has instituted a ban on mineral exports and introduced an escalating tax on mineral concentrates. As a result, a large Indonesian mining company, Freeport Indonesia recently stated […]

Former Employee Shares Benefits of Government’s Duty Collection

A U.S. importer of computer cable assemblies has paid $1.2 million to settle allegations that it violated the False Claims Act by using false invoices at the time the goods were entered into the U.S.  The “double-invoicing” scheme resulted in a significant underpayment of duties to U.S. Customs and involved […]

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