Counterfeit Sellers Get Jail Time

Counterfeit goods are rampant in the United States. From knock-off purses to look-alike watches and countless copied logos, nearly everyone has come in contact with a counterfeit item in their lifetime. Despite the prevalence of counterfeiting, though, the practice is highly illegal. In fact, anytime an individual or company replicates […]

Cuban Cigars and Importation

In 1962, Cuban cigars became illegal when President Kennedy implemented the U.S. trade embargo against the island country. Since that time, Cuban cigars have long been regarded as both the best in the world, as well as some of the hardest – and most tempting – to obtain. In December […]

Basics of Import – Friday, January 16 9:00-3:30 pm

Join us for our most popular import seminar which covers all aspects of importing.  Whether you are new to the industry or just looking for a refresher course, Basics of Import will provide you with the information you need.  Topics include parties involved in the import process, documentary requirements, logistics, […]

Customs Brokerage January 2015 Exam Class Announcement

To all Customs Brokerage Exam Class Candidates: We are pleased to announce the details for our series of classes for preparation for the January 2015 Customs Broker Examination.  The Notice of the Examination has not yet been published but generally the exam is given on the first Monday in April. […]

ATA Carnet: Everything You Need to Know

For businesses who need to transport goods into or outside of the U.S. for certain specific purposes, obtaining an ATA Carnet can assist in avoiding the standard customs law regulations that are typically required. If you need an international trade lawyer to assist you in acquiring an ATA Carnet or […]

Getting Off the FDA Black List

Colloquially referred to as the FDA’s Black List, the Import Alert list is a list of those businesses, growers, products, geographic regions, and countries that have been permanently or temporarily banned from shipping products and merchandise into the United States. For those that are on the list, products shipped to […]

New Broker Licenses

Congratulations to my students for attaining their new Broker Licenses! New Licenses Presented by the US Customs Port Director for the port of Boston Helen Sterling.   Michael Bruning John Devitto and John Devitto Jr. Christine Boudreau

The Basics of Importing Cachaca

Cachaca is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is the most popular drink in Brazil. It is made from sugarcane; no surprise since Brazil is the world’s largest importer of sugar. It is a variety of rum but differs from other rums in that it is made of sugarcane juice whereas […]

China Taking Steps to Protect IPR

China has long been the main culprit for importing pirated and counterfeit goods into the US, constituting about 68% of all imports seized by the CBP and ICE in 2013. The value of the illegal imports was estimated at $1.1 billion. Chinese trade officials, cognizant of the problem and anxious […]

Gray Market Seizure

When traveling abroad, you often find merchandise labeled or marked as a high quality item and closely resembling that of a brand such as Gucci or Versace. These items often have a trademark or trade name closely resembling the well-known brand. Other products may have their own trademark. These are […]

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