Top Items Imported Into the U.S.

  The United States imports thousands of products that its citizens use every single day. In fact, according to, Americans imported about $2.039 trillion during the year 2015, and the country’s top 10 imports account for two-thirds of product purchases from other countries. Some of the top items imported […]

The Complexities Of Importing Fur

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection enforces the laws of numerous agencies regarding the importing of products or materials into the country. One imported product that warrants quite a bit of regulating is fur and related products, which is a specialized business activity that is impacted by several different laws […]

If Postal Inspectors Seize Your Mail See A Customs Lawyer For Help

Have you checked recently to make sure that the postal authorities have not seized any of your mail and are not holding your property? U.S. Postal Seizures Point To Need For Customs Lawyer

Webinar: Free Trade Agreements – Best Practices for Compliance and Cost Saving

This December 9th Webinar will provide an overview of what companies need to consider when making a preferential duty claim under a Free Trade Agreement.   With a possible Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement in the works, both importers and exporters need to understand what is required to make a valid claim. […]

How do I get my money back from a currency seizure?

When you travel into or outside of the U.S., it is against U.S law to carry more than $10,000 on your person without properly declaring it to U.S. Customs. . As such, if you do not file a report for a monetary amount of more than $10,000, then U.S. Customs […]

Smuggling Auto Parts? Better Think Again

For those hoping to make easy money fast, manufacturing counterfeiting products, such as auto parts and attempting to import them in the United States is familiar scenario to U.S. Customs. The idea is simple: manufacturer counterfeit auto parts outside of the U.S., import them into the U.S. without detection and […]

What happens if you sell counterfeit goods?

Most of us are familiar enough with counterfeit goods, usually in the form of knock-off handbags and watches. While buying or selling counterfeit goods may seem innocent enough, trafficking and selling counterfeit goods carries hefty penalties under U.S. federal law. If you’ve been charged with selling counterfeit good, you need […]

Tariffs 101

Ask “What is a tariff?” and the majority of people will scratch their heads and answer that a tariff is a tax, and the conversation will most likely end there. While a tariff may be considered a tax,  in the U.S., it is considered a “duty” assessed on imported goods, […]

Detained Merchandise Law

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has the right to examine all goods and merchandise that cross the border, regardless of the manner in which they’re crossing (airport, ship, etc.).  Both commercial importers and exporters, as well as regular travelers, are subjected to the inspection of their goods. If any unapproved […]

Customs Audit: A Survival Guide

A customs audit is a review of a business to assess whether or not the business is in compliance with U.S. Customs laws and regulations. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, audits initiated by the Office of Regulatory Audit Field and Branch Offices can be conducted to address specific […]

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