What You Need to Know About Importing Chemicals from China

There are dozens of chemical product companies in China, making China a go-to choice for many in the United States in need of various chemicals for manufacturing or selling directly to customers in the U.S. However, import regulations in and of themselves can be difficult to understand; when the import […]

Importing from China Part II

In part I of this article, the difficulties of finding a legitimate supplier in China, as well as ensuring that the supplier operates in compliance with international trade laws, was discussed. In part II of this series, the laws for bringing goods into the U.S., as well as how to […]

Importing from China Part I

China manufacturers a number of affordable goods, that, when imported and sold in the U.S., can  result in profits for businesses. However, importing good from China is a complicated process that requires due diligence and a comprehensive understanding of import laws. In part one of this guide, finding a supplier […]

Trump Proposes 35 Percent Tariff on Goods Imported from Mexico

The United States imports millions of dollars’ worth of goods from countries around the world each year. While there is a reasonable argument to be made that, to some extent, the high rates of importation from other countries puts American workers and factories at a disadvantage, the fact remains: we […]

Trade Advisory Committee Meets, Announces Creation of New Working Group

The Commercial Customs Operations Advisory Committee, or COAC, met in Boston in late July 2016 to discuss a number of subjects related to trade, including trade enforcement, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program, antidumping duties, and more. Additionally, the COAC announced the creation of a new working group with the […]

Donald Trump Items Seized by Customs

  Anything Donald Trump says these days is instantly reported by major news sources and there has been no shortage of quotes and comments from the Republican presidential candidate to please or annoy just about everyone. Quotes from candidates or their campaign slogans have been used by campaign managers to […]

Importing Tobacco Products Into the U.S.

The laws regarding the importation of tobacco products into the United States are strict. Regulated by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), and enforced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the following considers what you need to know about importing tobacco products into the U.S. lawfully. For […]

The Legality of Importing Folexes into the United States

There is money to be made in importing and selling counterfeit goods and knock-offs (the difference, as explained by an article in The New York Times, is that counterfeit goods bear a brand’s label signature or mark – albeit illegally – and knockoffs do not). That being said, it is […]

Information Technology Agreement Changes

Effective July 1, the tariff reductions resulting from the expanded Information Technology Agreement are now in place. These  reductions are a result of the World Trade Organization negotiations over the past several years and as a result the products will enjoy duty free or reduced duty treatment in all most favored […]

Top U.S. Exports

There is no doubt that the United States imports a large amount of goods every year. However, it is a myth that the United States does not export goods as well; in fact, an article in NPR news reports that exports in a single year in the United States totaled […]

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