VQIP – What You Need to Know

Importing food into the United States is no easy feat; instead, it is a process that is rife with regulations and limitations set forth by multiple agencies, including United States Customs and Border Protection and the United States Food and Drug Administration. Indeed, before food can be imported into the […]

How to Comply with CBP’s Forced Labor Requirements   

In the United States, the days of slavery and forced labor are long behind us, and as such, it can be difficult for many Americans to imagine that forced labor still occurs in other parts of the world; indeed, most Americans give little thought to the origins of their food, […]


This full day program will cover the fundamentals of two significant elements of the import and export transaction.  Classification and Valuation are complex areas that can cause delays in release, detention by Customs, and potential penalties for companies who do not have the knowledge and processes in place to ensure […]

Personalized In House Import and Export Training Compliance

New in 2018 – Personalized, in-house training on all areas of import and export compliance.  The Law Offices of Paula M. Connelly will work with your company to customize training sessions for you and your staff.  Take advantage of the convenience of training as few or as many employees at […]

What Is Prior Disclosure?

When an individual or company is importing goods into the United States, they are required to operate within the confines of customs law. If they fail to do so, they could be subject to civil–and sometimes even criminal–penalties. Indeed, a review of sections of code such as 19 USC 1592 […]

Reasonable Care

What Every Member of the Trade Community Should Know: Reasonable Care Download it here:

What Every Importer Needs to Know About 19 USC 1592

Businesses that are importing goods into the United States need to be aware of the many laws and regulations that govern imports. Indeed, even what may appear to an importer as a minor violation could carry serious penalties. In fact, a review of 19 USC 1592 highlights that penalties can […]

Customs & Border Protection Enforcement Update

As fall begins, the trade community is faced with increased enforcement by CBP in two important areas. First, CBP Headquarters recently issued a Cargo Service Message (CSMS 17-000612) concerning potential penalties which may be assessed for “wood packaging materials” violations effective November 1, 2017.


A recent decision issued by the Court of International Trade provides the trade community with a broad interpretation of “lack of reasonable care” for purposes of penalty assessment under 19 USC 1592.  It is a significant decision for both importers and brokers.

What You Need to Know About Your CBP Cash Seizure Receipt

Those entering or leaving the U.S. with more than $10,000 are obligated to report the monetary instruments to CBP.  Failure to make this declaration can result in seizure of the cash or monetary instruments.  This seizure can be devastating for many, taking from them the money that they very much […]

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