What You Need to Know About Importing Chemicals from China

There are dozens of chemical product companies in China, making China a go-to choice for many in the United States in need of various chemicals for manufacturing or selling directly to customers in the U.S.

However, import regulations in and of themselves can be difficult to understand; when the import involves certain chemicals, regulations are even more stringent. If you are considering importing chemicals China or any other country, it is highly recommended that you work with our experienced import attorneys at The Law Offices of Paula M. Connelly.

Compliance with Toxic Substances Control Act

All chemicals that are being imported into the United States from another country must be compliant with the Toxic Substances Control Act, and certified as such. This act applies to certain substances (some chemicals do not require certification), and requires that a chemical shipment is:

Statements regarding TSCA must be made by the importer of any chemical that is entering the United States as part of a mixture, or in bulk, or by that importer’s agent. All importations of chemicals require a statement, even those not subject to TSCA compliance.

Customs and Border Protection Will NOT Release a Shipment without a TSCA Statement

It is important to note that if your import of chemicals of China does not contain a TSCA statement, it will likely be detained by Customs and Border Protection – CBP – agents, who will not release the shipment until proper documentation is obtained. If you plan on importing chemicals from China or any other country multiple times, you can request a blanket certification, which is valid from one year from the date of approval.

Regulations for Importing Products from China

In addition to regulations that are specific to the importation of certain chemicals, you must also follow all other import regulations. This includes determining the correct Harmonized Tariff Schedule provision for the chemical, declaring the correct value, reporting the correct country of origin and paying the applicable duties due to CBP.  The duty rates for chemicals can vary greatly.  In addition, there are currently a number of antidumping and countervailing duty cases on chemicals from China which can make importing cost prohibitive.

How Our Experienced Import Attorney Can Help

Regardless of what you are importing from China, there are many regulations that govern the import. At the Law Offices of Paula M. Connelly, our experienced import attorney has more than 25 years of experience representing clients during imports, customs seizures and delays, and more. To learn more, please contact our law offices today online or by phone to schedule your initial consultation.


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