If Postal Inspectors Seize Your Mail See A Customs Lawyer For Help

Have you checked recently to make sure that the postal authorities have not seized any of your mail and are not holding your property?

U.S. Postal Seizures Point To Need For Customs Lawyer

Postal seizure by the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) can become a serious problem even for law-abiding citizens. Postal authorities inspect huge volumes of mail and seize property worth tens of millions of dollars each year while looking for weapons, terrorist-related items and, of course, narcotics. If you or someone you know is the subject of a postal seizure, you may be able to get your property back and fight off further intrusion by consulting with the Paula M Connelly Law Offices, an experienced customs lawyer in the Boston area.

The public is partially protected by the Fourth Amendment. First class mail is associated with a right of privacy, and it cannot be opened or seized without a search warrant issued upon probable cause. However, the USPIS throws out a wide net when it inspects massive volumes of mail for contraband. With respect to narcotics, they do this largely by using drug dogs who sniff the mail for telltale aromas.

One problem is that most currency today contains trace elements of narcotics, which may be ample enough to get the dogs barking. The USPIS in this way seizes and holds massive amounts of private property, including cash.

How to Work for Return of Property

Sending cash in the mail is totally legal, but even a scant hint of a drug may attract a dog’s interest. The inspectors can get a warrant quickly and seize your property and money without releasing it. Even if they see nothing unusual inside the package, you may never see it. You have the right, however, to file a petition for release and return of your property within 30 days of the seizure. To do that without a hitch, you’ll need the experienced services of a customs lawyer.

Proven Strategies

If the inspectors have seized your money or property, it is extremely important to take quick protective action. Not only is your property at risk but the authorities may also be considering criminal charges. The first thing to do is retain the services of Paula Connelly who will immediately contact the authorities in an attempt to minimize the problem and get your property returned.

Barring an immediate resolution, the customs lawyer will file the petition to demand return of the property. In the Boston area, call the law offices of Paula M. Connelly at 781-897-1771 where you will find the steady hand of experience under the strong guidance of seasoned professionals. The legal road can be winding and even hazardous for a layman to travel; this task requires the most adept handling for the best result.


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