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The Customs Modernization Act of 1993 placed the responsibility for correctly classifying, appraising, and determining admissibility for imported merchandise on the importer. Prior to that time, it was Customs responsibility to ensure that the information provided was correct.  As part of the Mod Act, the tenets of Reasonable Care, Shared Responsibility and Informed Compliance were initiated.  Basically, Customs will ensure that it keeps the public informed of any regulatory and administrative changes and that importers will use reasonable care in the preparation and submission of all documents filed with Customs.

Under the concept of Reasonable Care, Customs expects importers to seek the advice of a Customs expert when they are uncertain as to classification, valuation, admissibility, free trade eligibility or other import related issues.
Failure to use reasonable care is tantamount to negligence under 19 USC 1592 and penalties can be assessed accordingly.  It is in an importer’s best interest to seek the advice of a licensed Customs broker, Customs consultant, Customs attorney or Customs itself when faced with an issue of uncertainty.

Attorney Paula Connelly has over 20 years experience as a Customs attorney and is also a licensed Customs broker.  As such, she would qualify as a Customs expert.  Please contact her office if you would like to discuss any issues of concern to your company.

The Law Office of Paula M. Connelly offers import and export training for companies with a Fall and Spring seminar series.  In addition, specialized in house training is available for individual companies.  This is a great way to keep your employees apprised of all relevant import and export laws and regulations.  The government expects companies can ensure that all employees involved in international trade are adequately trained.

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